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CHANEL N°5 – The vision of a car

Only three things exist that characterized Chanel: N°5, the simple black dress, and place vendome. The question
I asked to myself is: how can I give a shape to all this? And it is here that a stream of ideas, thoughts, functionals, identity, over- comes me, shakes me, but suddenly the idea comes out, the idea that now characterizes the project: the will of merging and stop- ping all these three things: Chanel N°5, the simply black dress, place vendome.

That’s why I created a planning grating with well de ned pillars, where to create the car volume, respecting the
codes of Chanel; the design of N°5, the pillars of the simple black dress and the geometry of place vendom, sealing the object like a sealing-wax postmark, with a

circle having the function of a cab, that when it opens, it reminds the logo of Chanel.

This is the result of a very carefull research about the story of Cha- nel, analyzing all the styles that won avour with the world with the creation of new ways of being, new styles, having set free the fashion, keeping off all the unuseful and heavy decorations, to cre- ate something that simply works.

This is the reason.